August 30, 2023

Test Your Kerning Skills

Many people involved in publication production—whether designer or writer—don’t have a great understanding of the importance of kerning. They might not even know what it is. This short online letter spacing game can help you learn what it is, how important it is, and how right or wrong you may have been about it.

Kerning refers to the spacing between characters in fonts (not to be confused with tracking, which adjusts spacing over a range of characters). It’s normal for most fonts to require some adjustments, depending on the designer’s goals, where and how the font is being used, and how well the software maintains the original font designer’s aesthetic and kerning. Everyone has read a book or magazine and noticed typographic issues at one point, even if they may not immediately know why something is off. It can throw off an entire page layout, and—if used poorly—subconsciously alter the reader’s perception negatively.

Take the quiz, and see how well you do. We got 100/100. Just sayin’.